Christine Worley
Bonnie Johnson
John Vosicky  
Anthony Gonzalez  
Jake Peterson
Chris Fronk
Jim Staniszekski
Kevin Riley  
Mike Carroll
Stacy Sturner
Leah Jakubowski
Heather Thomas
Tim Rigsby   
Lindsay Pertz  
Angel Garcia
Lindsay Wagner
Chrissy Raddi
James Adam
Jacque DeFoe   
Jennifer Nagourney
Debi Patis
Brad Widrick  
Carrie Harrison
Michelle Welsh  
Gary Sanislo  
Ryan Cooke
Jody Therriault
Rob Hoffman
Samantha Lane
Monica Rogina   
Kelley Regan
Justin Block
We are looking for 6-10 referees for the 2014 tournament.  Prior flip cup experience and unfailing
moral standards are preferred, but not required.  You get a free whistle!  To apply, please email
Thanks to our past Referees!