- Must be 21 years of age to participate
- Time trials determine first round seeding
- Teams that do not do time trials will get remaining seeds
- One time trial per team
- Teams that do not show will get a loss
- Teams must have 4 flippers, substitutions allowed
- Minimum 1" or first cup line of beer
- No interference with flippers
- Flipper order is each team's discretion
- Games start with a "Cheers" between the first flippers for each team
- Starting with the first flipper, the flipper must drink the beer, set the cup on the table right side
up, flip the bottom of the cup at least 180 degrees and land the cup upside down (a "FLIP")
- In order, then second, then third, then fourth must FLIP (relay style)
- No backboards allowed
- Each team to have each Flipper complete a FLIP wins
- A FLIP is complete when it comes to a rest on the table
- Tie breakers result in a redo
- Teams must win the series to advance (best of 5 in the opening round, best of 7 in the
subsequent rounds)
- Referees make all calls
- Commissioners have the last call on all interpretations of the rules.
- Intentional Interference: in a loss of game for the interferring team
- Unintentional Interference: interfering team must stop and let the interferred player drink one
line of beer, then interferring team may resume play
- Illegal Backboard: player must redo "FLIP"